Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i totally want these

I sooo so want these. like really aside from being red and i don't own any clothes that would match them it would be perfect since i pretty much detest cleaning floors---don't ask me why I really dunno but vacuuming, sweeping, mopping anything remotely related to floors-not a fan. but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I have been spoiled for roughly 5 years by having a roommate who seriously amazingly managed to clean everything so i became a fan of the smelling of the mountain spring freshness of in order for me to bask in the gloriousness of clean I have to do the work-----good grief my life is so hard
speaking of hard life my dear sister yesterday, her first day back, she managed to gracefully fall flat on her face and by that i mean some how managed to fall on her face while simultaneously (and might i add awkwardly) falling on her knees. Graciously a guy who watched her fall helped her up---after he had a good laugh first. but that was just the start.
she then managed to sit in a class for TWO and a HALF hours (2 1/2 yeah two hours) in a class which at the end she realized she has already taken that class [aside from being absolutely hilarious] poor girl was now stressed out about finding a replacement class so she would have enough credits to keep her scholarship she didn't sleep much--anxious about finding a class---she got up early to be on campus by 7am to swing by one stop to grab an 'add/drop' card ONLY to find out onestop opens at 8am [oh i know this is funny] but then
after tromping around on campus all day (further aggravating her already injured knees) she was finally able to sit down by a bench [why she was on the floor when there was a bench right there is beyond me] and was then STEPPED on by some lady--she apologized while she hurriedly stepped off my sister onto her backpack thereby annihilating an unforeseen innocent bystander---her poor cell phone


  1. I love life!!!!! Its even gotten better, I was almost late to work because my car got stuck and I looked at my schedule wrong and missed a class today!

  2. haha, i miss your crazy stories and your crazy self and i'm so glad you have a blog now! But you're still not getting out of talking to me fo REALsies. Every time I go out side in the cold I think about how wonderful it will be to come visit you in Arizona. You better be prepared!