Sunday, June 28, 2009


so its sunday once again the week feels like it has flown by holy man!
my to do list goes something like this for a usual week: i have my to dos for anatomy and physiology which, due to an insufficient normal sized planner, tend to get scattered over several days and several pages spilling on to random post-it notes or torn out sheets of paper which then get posted to my bulletin board. then I have the to do 'wish' list that I create on sundays which are a culmination of a list of things I wanted to do which i just couldn't justify the time for (i.e. write valerie, make calendar, update newsletter, email friends, evaluate budget, search for quick fix on the go meals, read email, volunteer, make cards etc..) and other random things I just didn't have time for.
I feel like my time is more valuable than ever and every second that I sit in the same chair near my window and laptops trying to multi task to get as many things crossed off my wish list that I still am not using my time as wisely as I could be. but then again being this busy I am happier than i've been in a long time---cause really who has the time to waste being unhappy or focusing on anything that isn't uberly amazing in life.
That is one thing i love about my sunday to do 'wish' list is the list of thoughts I have at church. Last sunday it was nice cause I randomly inserted a list of weird stuff that I am extremely grateful for: like cereal [i LOVE cereal!], colored pens [who would have thought they would be such a much needed random purchase for school], zumba [my bi-weekly highly-anticipated 60 min. escape], socks [my secret feddish]. of course among the list of the weird were the big things i'm grateful for like family but still the weird stuff is what makes me laugh.
I don't know how many people actually read my blog but I started a newsletter for valerie (I've yet to determine whether this is a good functional use of my time but we'll learn trial and error style) so if you have anything you'd like me to write to valerie or include in side notes let me know---for those of you who have blogs (i.e. the jones') i already am using pictures from your blog to add some funness to the newsletter.
anyone have an idea for what I should call it---i get a mental cramp everytime I try to come up with something creative...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

okay let me preface this with the fact that i've been really busy lately I mean with the move and school starting [oooh i've come up with a funny analogy for what school feels like right now] i just didn't find the time to do what I really wanted to do----think of something, some way, somehow to thank my dad for everything he has done for me. and then it came to me-I'll make my sunday blog about my dad and the amazing man that he is! so here's to you dad!!

sara's list 'things my dad taught me' making my dad is better than your dad :)
my dad taught me....
  • that you can be old, bald, lack a chin and still be uberly awesome! I mean really can you see that wakeboarding skill! yeah anything cool that I can do my dad taught me--everything from snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, how to start a fire, all the important things in life ;)
  • how to take a vacation. I have no idea how the man does it but there is something about going on vacation with my dad that is awesome and so relaxing! I don't even know how to describe it. its all laid out perfectly in his head and we just go with the flow.Some how---seemingly effortlessly---everything gets done. Its miraculous! so much fun! and I've had the best times on family vacations!I am highly envious of this random talent I seemingly failed to acquire through genetics [if you know me you know what i'm talking about when it comes to over-zealous planning and lack of relaxation time] and you've seen my vacation pictures---yeah ALL family vacations
  • if you want something done right then do it yourself! He is the end all, be all fix-anything-man! Pretty much my dad is amazing!! if its broke he'll fix it-----90% of the time he already knows how to fix it and bam like that its working and if he doesn't know how to do something-he learns. he's not only built the garage, remodled the bathroom, designed and built a new kitchen, but he fixes cars, hooks up stereos and awesome surround sound and does it as if he has nothing better to do after working all day than to come home and work some more---no problem. trust me this makes it VERY hard to find a guy when your dad is like this. . .cause no one matches up
  • the value of hard work! as I initially pointed out above I know no one who works harder, in the most uninhabitable locations [the poor man works in the bloody heat in the middle of nowhere!], with the most colorful people, and the most ridiculous un-ending hours-- and yet I never hear him complain-unless you count the noises he makes out of pure exhaustion when he finally has a chance to lay down at the end of a long day. The smell of fresh laid asphalt will always remind me of my dad. What a guy! and to boot he always has a smile on his face--mainly because without it his chin disapears ha ha.
  • there are more important things in life. My dad is the kind of person that can make you feel like you are accomplishing great things---the kind of dad who even though he didn't have the same opportunities that I have makes sure that I have any resource available to reach my goals! and we know he will be there in a moments notice if we ever needed anything. I always feel bad calling him because he always asks if i need anything --I just smile and roll my eyes thinking to myself 'no dad I call cause I want to talk to you, to make sure your okay and that traveling to and fro hasn't caused your demise'
so in conclusion...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i know your all ϋber excited

well lets just say it feels like its been forever since last sunday and this week has gone by so fast--I don't know how that works but whoa life comes at you fast
so monday obviously i did something really cool this day cause I can't remember a thing but tuesday I went to dos gringos

lunch with a bunch of the future class of 2011 it was nice to actually meet people in the program. There are 73 of us (which is the largest class they've had yet) and wednesday at orientation they spent a good portion of the day asking us if we were for sure in the right place, if this was really what we wanted because its the hardest thing we will ever do. But no worries "you will survive" that is all I kept hearing all day "you will make it" ----why are you people reassuring me it is just making me more nervous!!!!
the best advice I think we got was to get 90 minutes of 'me' time a day---i'm like what!? I go from having a life to trying to squeeze in 90 minutes into my day! are you for re
als? and then one of the 2nd years was like "yeah some days that just didn't happen" someone else was like "yeah its not unusual for me to be on campus on saturday for about 13 hours" THIRTEEN hours straight studying there aren't any classes on saturday---oh good grief, but not to worry apparently I will live through this
but have you ever really looked at some survivor victims----yeah that is the mental picture i sometimes get (;
okay okay so i'm being sarcastic and to be honest i think i'm past feeling when it comes to the survival part--an emperor's new groove quote comes to mind
pacha: uh-oh
kuzco: don't tell me. We're about to go over a huge waterfall
pacha yep
sharp rocks at the bottom?
pacha most likely
kuzco bring it on
anywho thursday orientation was much of the same all day in the really large classroom,paperwork stuff---ooh but we got to try on our "white coats" to get sizes that was pretty cool. Then Thursday night we headed off to institute. If you think BYU is bad at promoting marriage at every corner then you've never been to a 24 and older institute where a happily 36-year-old seminary teacher, married for 14 years, father of 8 was teaching. it was oh so fabulous wow, but the highlight was when he said that he is grateful he cannot relate to our pain and how lonely we must feel. My friend and I were near ready to throw our pens at him I mean really I'm extremely happy where I am at in life right now thank you very much! anywho off that soap box we went to a pool party after where I met even more people and was invited to go to mexico for the weekend to sleep on the beach and eat real mexican food. really. too bad we kinda turned it down to be all responsible and get school stuff done and what not---it would have been really cool. that's the last time I turn down an invite to go to mexico for the night.
anywho now that I've rambled on and on for what seems like forever and a day I should probably get some other little things organized---tomorrow's the big day

Monday, June 8, 2009


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here I go again on my own

whoa boy has it been a long time since i've updated this thing---no worries I have 3pm (yeah THREE o'CloCK post meridian) church so I figure I'll probably have time once a week to update [we'll see how that goes] well whats new--uh pretty much everything but so far i'm loving it! granted I haven't had an obligation of any kind for weeks now first things first: my sister will not be alone in her mission quest although there aren't any pictures of when he opened his call (little stinker just opened it valerie barely had time to call my mom) he sounded pretty excited about Fresno,CA speaking hmong over the phone...but not as excited as my mom seems to be everytime she has a chance to pull out a hmong Book of Mormon to show people [trust me its getting ridiculous] hmm whats next oh yeah sadness I left my job! like really I almost cried everyday that last week of work!! I'm going to miss working there so much! I have a whole list of things i'm gonna miss but i'll save you the unknown inside jokes but really i'm going to miss
  • trying to decide for lunch on fridays and ruth's cafe rio specials on wednesdays
  • the scheduling rules only Anna knows about
  • dr. weipert and his 'distinct' orders for drug rep lunches/his 110th JCW's punch card and diet coke addiction
  • karen and her lack of sleep/dr pepper addiction
  • working with ruth during on-call nights (oh those were some good times)
  • running around with poor bobbie on thursdays/talking to her about her discodancer!!!
and this i mean really I had it good there then what did i do--oh yeah memorial day weekend was AWESOME! we spent friday and saturday boating and spent the night on the green river in the rain sunday we hiked down a slot canyon (almost died) and monday we went mountain biking! here are just some of my favorite pictures but the albums are cool
(thats what I did this sunday---a wise use of my last few precious days before school starts)
oh and last but not least I moved to arizona and i love it! not only do they have like FOUR 24 hour fitness locations but I'm like 5 mins from the temple not to mention the is still a deseret book and the ONLY cafe rio in THE ENTIRE STATE is just down the street! (sigh) so many blessings !! (;