Thursday, April 16, 2009

color my girls night from way back during conference

awe we look so snazzy all in easter colors! Pei Wei (good food) gotta love priesthood session as an excuse to get all the girls together! So of course there is food involved and why not go to Color Me Mine.
Afton and Emily such cute sisters! I am surprised Afton lasted so long---we were there almost 4 hours! She did such a good job on her little cupcake. And EMILY I still haven't seen your plate yet!

we are the grandgirls---seriously I have failed in teaching them the art of making faces! clearly they are in desperate need of a tutorial
we are sisters! and obviously we feel we do not have enough pictures of the two of us---we're panicked the next time we take pictures we will have aged two years and i'll have these little baggies under my eyes whereas she'll still have the glow of her mission days. Oh the places you'll go!

that was TOTALLY wicked!

so in one night I fulfilled like 3 life goals---it was a very productive evening (:

despite the drizzly rain we had to capture the moment cause we only have so many moments left together life goal (1)
so here we stand (in antsy anticipation) outside
Capitol Theatre I've always wanted to go there! (2)
I can't believe I got to see 'Wicked' (3) this week! it was so beyond amazing! I'm actually glad had ignorantly never fully listened to the entire soundtrack before because I was totally surprised! the costumes were amazing!! the acting I loved! did I mention I loved it!
my sister's got good connections!

oklahoma--soon to be the most blessed state in the union

as Brother Bott would have her say: hem hem "I (Valerie) have been called as a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My initial assignment is

the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mission."

I love this little angelic pose she's got going on here!
she reports to the MTC June 17
[just TWO days after I start grad school]