Sunday, June 28, 2009


so its sunday once again the week feels like it has flown by holy man!
my to do list goes something like this for a usual week: i have my to dos for anatomy and physiology which, due to an insufficient normal sized planner, tend to get scattered over several days and several pages spilling on to random post-it notes or torn out sheets of paper which then get posted to my bulletin board. then I have the to do 'wish' list that I create on sundays which are a culmination of a list of things I wanted to do which i just couldn't justify the time for (i.e. write valerie, make calendar, update newsletter, email friends, evaluate budget, search for quick fix on the go meals, read email, volunteer, make cards etc..) and other random things I just didn't have time for.
I feel like my time is more valuable than ever and every second that I sit in the same chair near my window and laptops trying to multi task to get as many things crossed off my wish list that I still am not using my time as wisely as I could be. but then again being this busy I am happier than i've been in a long time---cause really who has the time to waste being unhappy or focusing on anything that isn't uberly amazing in life.
That is one thing i love about my sunday to do 'wish' list is the list of thoughts I have at church. Last sunday it was nice cause I randomly inserted a list of weird stuff that I am extremely grateful for: like cereal [i LOVE cereal!], colored pens [who would have thought they would be such a much needed random purchase for school], zumba [my bi-weekly highly-anticipated 60 min. escape], socks [my secret feddish]. of course among the list of the weird were the big things i'm grateful for like family but still the weird stuff is what makes me laugh.
I don't know how many people actually read my blog but I started a newsletter for valerie (I've yet to determine whether this is a good functional use of my time but we'll learn trial and error style) so if you have anything you'd like me to write to valerie or include in side notes let me know---for those of you who have blogs (i.e. the jones') i already am using pictures from your blog to add some funness to the newsletter.
anyone have an idea for what I should call it---i get a mental cramp everytime I try to come up with something creative...

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