Sunday, July 5, 2009

good grief---blessings can be rough (;

whoa this time things has gotten out of control. valerie is leaving the MTC this tuesday and I've only written her once yeah one time good grief I'm horrible! i'm looking into dear for future letters but the newsletter thing---its gotta be in color of course i have to make things complicated. I love these two! so they are worth the effort!

so this week let me give you a little run down
sunday----i didn't write this last week cause it happened after i wrote my blog but..
my car---well it. . .it just didn’t start. and at the most convenient time to right when i was headed to church. I was almost stranded at home thankfully my roommate Holly hadn’t left just yet (blessing #1). But what to do about my dead car. like i know anything about cars--if i did mine would certainly be treated better. luckily Holly had a friend come over that night for dinner. he just happens to be a race car driver and used to be a mechanic (blessing #2). He diagnosed the battery and offered to take me to the store to buy one right now but I told him not to worry about it and I would go the next day. Thankfully Abbie could pick me up for our 7am class (3) and she was gracious enough to also take me to Autozone to buy a new battery (4). which I was so determined to install myself. Too bad after an hour of research and an hour of trying (stupid corroded battery terminals) in the heat feeling defeated I had to resign my efforts and call for help---thankfully my home teachers had just come over the on sunday (5) and one of them said he could come jump start the car (6). autozone said they could replace it sicne i bought it there (7). back to autozone. the manager Chris recognized me again and teased me about coming back. (which made me smile) but tony helped change the battery. I got a chance to talk to tony while he changed the battery (yeah after watching him there was no way I could have done it on my own) He used to play for the raiders and almost married a mormon girl from Logan Utah he is from a small town in Nevada. He has 7 kids of his own and a bad shoulder-which is why he is no longer a football player. Talking to him was a nice distraction from the list I was complining in the back of my mind of what I needed to be doing.but somehowe I made it to my(8) class
to let off some steam and look goofy for an hour. and ultimately I did get at least something done.
The next day I was headed to the cadaver lab
early to meet up with Abbie and some friends to review----jump in the car---dead. my first thought was like---'yeah, no, this isn't happening--not again!' my next thoughts were a swirling composte heap of panic about how to fix this-I felt stranded, overwhelmed and I had MIDTERMS to study for (okay so they were a week away but still). I was supposed to be at school in like 5 minutes
[(9) afterthought it was a HUGE blessing that I wasn't late to a class]. Abbie was already there. feeling defeated and on the verge of tears I walked back in the house. I asked holly about the jumper cables she said she had. but turns out she doesn’t. she suggested asking the neighbors. So at 9am I bothered the neighbors. they didn’t have any---‘ask the gardner’---so I bothered the gardner. he didn’t have any. neighbor comes back out—‘oh wait I do have some’ but not knowing how to really used them I couldn’t get the car started. after a mini panic (and several pleas to a higher power for help) holly graciously offered to give me a ride to school (10) and again Abbie a ride home (11). thankfully holly had another guy friend (she has a lot of guy friends she likes to cook for) came over for dinner and he jump started my car before my hometeachers even had a chance to come over (12). back to autozone. where I met steve he was quiet but he too almost married a mormon girl. I don't know how the mormon subject kept coming up---okay it was probably the utah license plates.
after about an hour he diagnosed the car-the alternator. he said he’s pretty sure they would have the part (13). I asked if he knew some place I could get it replaced. and that is where chris came it. chris recognized me from my two time visit the day before and he said he could replace it for me (14). what are the odds---I’m really blessed (did you loose count cause i almost did). car better.

so now that the week was half over i buckled down to study. [yeah 5 am-10pm minus a few errands and a zumba class]

Thankfully Abbie got me out of the house on saturday with a couple of other girls and their husbands to have a little bbq get together and play in the pool. we even got to watch fireworks from her balcony--then eat dessert AND watch brian regan. NOW that is a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July the next day just happened to be my birthday. And I was really excited that no one here knew about it! Holly was having a dinner party that night (which turned out wonderful!) and as soon as Holly posts the pictures i'll add them to my blog! and then I went to Erin's housewarming dessert party. So i got to free healthy wonderful dinner, I got to hang out with friends and I got to talk to my friends and family----IT was a WONDERFUL birthday!

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  1. Happy 24th Birthday Sara! I am so sorry you didn't even get a birthday card from us I sent $41.10 to over night it to you on the 2nd to arrive on the 3rd but it got returned but as of th 12 of July still has not returned home so I can resend it yet I am so so so sorry!! I love you and glad I still get to talk to you ha ha the other one is in the mission field and well...