Sunday, July 26, 2009

ode to jonathan

oh my amazingness! while in the middle of posting my blog for last sunday I realized i needed to get some pictures off of facebook----long story short my brother had just replied to my random inquisitive message and while reading it I pretty much wanted to first a) print it off and frame it b) run out to tell the world how incredible my brother is and c) burst into tears of prideful joy that I am related to such a guy so in honor of his birthday this week and his mission farewell I wanted to post some things about this little guy!

1) good gracious that child never stops moving! he is constantly seeking ways to get out and be put to good use--and trust me many people depend on his energy and skill to accomplish many 'honey-dos' He is one of the few people that know who truly puts his needs last---he is always ready and waiting for a sign that he can help out

2) he is so good! words can't even describe it---most guys who are adorable like him have the EGO to match and the attitude that makes you want to smack them....but not jonathan seriously knows what it is like to be on both ends of the social spectrum---and is now therefore a rooter for the underdog! but he does it with subtle grace few could match.

3) daredevil du jour! serioulsy this kid knows how to live it up--and never backs down. He has been injured on numerous occasions for doing some of the most ridiculous things but he faces his challenges head on and with confidence sans FEAR! which for a worry-wort extrodinary, such as myself, is a very admirable envied attribute that I one day hope to have just a little bit of.

5) vacations would not be the same without him! it goes hand in hand with my dad! here is how our family works---
President: Dad
Vice President: Jonathan (yeah really the youngest)
Secretary (or as I like to call it Executive Officer of Management): Me
Historian [and resident smile maker]: Valerie [we wouldn't have photographs without her]
Public Relations: Mom (we also call her the groupie ha ha!)
see so our family would not function very well without the VP there to assist the president.
I don't know what we are going to do for two whole years without a VP or Historian---essentially we will probably go places, have no pictures, no laughing, and no daredevilness man my life is going to be boring for a while.

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