Thursday, August 13, 2009


things I’ve discovered this week

discovery #1: The Salt Lake City farmers Market + I am an uber nerd when it comes to admiration of things i consider to be amazing! So saturday before the hustle and bustle of the grocery shopping for my brother's farewell began I made a promise to myself I would check out the Farmers Market in Salt Lake-since I've always wanted to go. Well it is amazing! and i'm going again this weekend BUT not only did I find these absolutely GORGEOUS sunflowers for the centerpieces BUT an added bonus when I got to shake hands with President Utchdorf!! yeah really! I was such a nerd about it though---i was standing there just looking at him thinking to myself 'I know I know him....' and then my eyes got real big as it dawned on me why his face was so familiar I just stood there mouth gaped open staring at him while my hands were busy texting my brother (who if you note from the previous blog is an even bigger admirer of President Utchdorf) when reality came back to my and I continued on my way still in awe-that is until my brother asked if I shook his hand. Feeling dejected at missing probably my only opportunity ever to meet him I continued around the farmers market absentmindedly until there he was again! I knew this time I had to say something so trying to be subtle I just asked if I could shake his hand---he cordially held out his hand and smiled. Almost a week later and here I am still talking about it :)

discovery #2: my dad is amazing cook and he doesn’t even know it

last minute I turned over the HUGE task of cooking the pork (30+lbs) for my brother’s farewell and put it all on my dad’s shoulders. Neither one of us had ever cooked BBQ pork in a crock pot let alone that much in multiple crock pots. I’m sure that’s the last thing he wanted to be in charge of, on top of setting up the backyard and finishing all his other tasks all on his day OFF.

Yet he took on the task like a champ and ‘pulled’ off the best tasting bbq pork and in the process relieve much of my stress

discovery #3: I can carve a watermelon into a fruit bowl

I can’t even tell you the list of laughable things I did for this farewell. but just to name a few 2 watermelon fruit bowls, TWO large cans (sam’s club large) of bbq baked beans [which nobody ate] , spray painting 12 containers of grass green , and attempting to constantly refill up a punch bowl 2 quarts at a time.

discovery #4: I love whole foods store (and persons who introduce me to such a wonderful discovery)

Jeanna had mentioned whole foods several times and since she brought it up I’d been meaning to go but between school and yada yada I just hadn’t made time but Em (who shares my love for grocery stores) made our trip to the Whole Foods Store the perfect ending to a tiring adventure through the parade of homes.

discovery #5: I can actually hang out with my mom

its about time I grew up a bit and learn some patience (or something like that) since I’ve been home a WHOLE week and things are going great! I have a feeling that a lot of it might have to do with the fact she has been so willing to go along with a lot of things I want to do (like zumba, facials, going to the health food store) but before now doing these things did not necessarily mean it’d go well

discovery #6: I’ve re-discovered the amazingness of Utah

a two second drive down the street from my grandmas right off the main highway—a hidden gem of a hike to an amazing waterfall…I mean really where else can you literally pull off to the side of a major road and find place to hike, a place where your cell phone doesn’t work and the awe of nature takes your breath away …too bad the winters here are too long

discovery #7: I'm getting old... good grief I love wakeboarding---I just wish I could actually be in the wake---one day but then again no longer will I be able to wake up the next day without feeling the repercussions of my awesome biffing it capabilities + on top of that I went tubing, being the champ I am, hung on despite being whipped around like a rag doll (just to prove my brother I'm tough). Now I'm feeling it.


  1. Sara! I love you! I miss you! I'm so glad I found your blog! Are you still going to be in town next weekend? We should meet at the farmers market because I've always wanted to go!

  2. I so enjoy finding new discoveries! Good reflections of a good week it sounds. Thanks for sharing your blog address with me. Like a typical blog-stalker, I've read up on some past posts and really think your blog is awesome! GLAD TO KNOW YOU~! Wishing you another amazing week, Your Cus!