Sunday, July 12, 2009

midterms--what?! already?

weekly blog update today is going to be pretty boring peoples cause last week was midterms! lets just say I was expecting worse---BYU style weeder class type worse. but even then I am a horrible HORRIBLE test taker so I knew I needed to uber prepare. so my days went something like this...wake up study, scripture study, eat, class, study, study, study, gym, study, sleep, wake study--did i mention I studied and then REPEAT for 4 days. miraculously I got the things I needed done and then friday July 3rd they closed campus so I got to breathe--well sorta. After a FULL day of studying I let myself have a break and I went to see 'The Proposal' with Abbie and Jill. I wish Shelly, natalie and Jeanna could have all made it. We got a $2 student discount (yay!) and granted it wasn't my most favorite movie but it made my cheeks hurt frome laughing and Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are certainly favorites of mine. and it was DEFINITELY wonderful not to have to study.
Saturday I went rock climbing with Erin, Spendy and Abbie! it was AWESOME especially after a totally awesome kickboxing class and a fabulous lunch with my Aunt Janette, Uncle Glenn, Nathan and Matthew at Unos. I love Unos!

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