Sunday, June 14, 2009

i know your all ϋber excited

well lets just say it feels like its been forever since last sunday and this week has gone by so fast--I don't know how that works but whoa life comes at you fast
so monday obviously i did something really cool this day cause I can't remember a thing but tuesday I went to dos gringos

lunch with a bunch of the future class of 2011 it was nice to actually meet people in the program. There are 73 of us (which is the largest class they've had yet) and wednesday at orientation they spent a good portion of the day asking us if we were for sure in the right place, if this was really what we wanted because its the hardest thing we will ever do. But no worries "you will survive" that is all I kept hearing all day "you will make it" ----why are you people reassuring me it is just making me more nervous!!!!
the best advice I think we got was to get 90 minutes of 'me' time a day---i'm like what!? I go from having a life to trying to squeeze in 90 minutes into my day! are you for re
als? and then one of the 2nd years was like "yeah some days that just didn't happen" someone else was like "yeah its not unusual for me to be on campus on saturday for about 13 hours" THIRTEEN hours straight studying there aren't any classes on saturday---oh good grief, but not to worry apparently I will live through this
but have you ever really looked at some survivor victims----yeah that is the mental picture i sometimes get (;
okay okay so i'm being sarcastic and to be honest i think i'm past feeling when it comes to the survival part--an emperor's new groove quote comes to mind
pacha: uh-oh
kuzco: don't tell me. We're about to go over a huge waterfall
pacha yep
sharp rocks at the bottom?
pacha most likely
kuzco bring it on
anywho thursday orientation was much of the same all day in the really large classroom,paperwork stuff---ooh but we got to try on our "white coats" to get sizes that was pretty cool. Then Thursday night we headed off to institute. If you think BYU is bad at promoting marriage at every corner then you've never been to a 24 and older institute where a happily 36-year-old seminary teacher, married for 14 years, father of 8 was teaching. it was oh so fabulous wow, but the highlight was when he said that he is grateful he cannot relate to our pain and how lonely we must feel. My friend and I were near ready to throw our pens at him I mean really I'm extremely happy where I am at in life right now thank you very much! anywho off that soap box we went to a pool party after where I met even more people and was invited to go to mexico for the weekend to sleep on the beach and eat real mexican food. really. too bad we kinda turned it down to be all responsible and get school stuff done and what not---it would have been really cool. that's the last time I turn down an invite to go to mexico for the night.
anywho now that I've rambled on and on for what seems like forever and a day I should probably get some other little things organized---tomorrow's the big day


  1. wow, it sounds like you are having lots of fun!! and i can't believe you didn't go to mexico, i would have been there in a heartbeat....well, maybe.

  2. by the way this is emily not russ