Sunday, January 25, 2009

sara saga-january edition: blow out, dental dilemma, and baby ballerinas

so keeping up on this blogging thing is tricky so lets do a quick re-cap I’ll try to narrow it down to keep the bordom to a minimum:

lets start with what I first remember

friday janurary 9---beautiful morning left early for work mainly so I could get there early enough to eat breakfast at work (I love doing that but my manager isn’t a fan) things are going just like normal:

grab breakfast, lunch, dinner for work

pre-heat the car

finish getting dressed leave earlyàdrive over icy curb praying I stop before sliding out into oncoming traffic

go through all the backstreets to I avoid all stop lights get on I-15 ….have the car violently start shaking and making weird grinding noises while traveling 80mph –NOT part of the normal routine

slight panic, frantic thinking ‘oh please let me just make it to an exit’

yeah once I got on the exit I panicked again ‘I don’t want to stop here its so cold, oh please let me just make it to that gas station’

car making violent noises like metal grinding against asphalt and I still didn’t know exactly what was going on. my guess was a flat tire

I make it to the gas station [phew!] get out to examine and scold the front passenger tire for ruining my plans, leaving me cold and hungry, late for work but upon examination my front tire was just fine and that is when I look at the rear tire and saw something that looked like this

surprisingly enough I didn’t panic it was more like ‘hmm should probably call work and where is that spare tire again…’

while standing there in my non-insulated very girly looking green coat and black work pants holding the jack in one hand and directions in another looking utterly confused a guy next to me asked if he could help

after managing a simple nod while trying not to chatter my teeth in the cold he took another look at me and pretty much just took over changing the tire for me…and pretty sure this guy (although being shorter than me and having red hair) was the epitome of your non-typical good Samaritan---he had just stomped out his cigarette and I was trying to decide which hurt worse his tattoos or ear gage. but he changed the tire for me and everything and made sure that I would make it to work okay...

I’m not sure what I did in the previous life to deserve this blessing but uh I mean really how do you begin to repay a blessing like that---now really

tuesday january 13- free lunch with my mom and her friends at Cutler's in Layton [really good split pea soup and cookies-ugh my weakness] then I had to drive to brigham city...
so orthodontist appointment…good grief I’m 23 years old you think that I could manage to keep track of a retainer let alone one that is cemented in. well lets just say ‘somehow’ I manage to break it and since it was like 3am I rolled my eyes at my stupidity took the piece of metal out of my mouth and just set it down and walked away. BIG mistake…when I called to schedule my orthodontist appointment I figured I’d get an upper retainer done again (yup I’ve manage to lose 3 of those) the receptionist lady so nicely added ‘I hope you still have the bottom one you broke’ [uh oh] I replied “oh yeah I have it” [oh good grief I hope I can remember where I put it down] she was like “oh good cause it would have cost $200 if you needed to get a new one” [WHAT!] who would have thought a little piece of metal less than an inch long would cost so much—unfortunately I still had to spend the whole day at work trying to remember where I put it. . .it was agonizing.

after getting home and searching the kitchen top to bottom about ready to go dumpster diving I finally humbled myself enough to ask for help---sure enough walking up the stairs on my way to start digging through our incredibly smelly garbage in despair I hung my head—low and behold a shiny piece of metal barely sticking up out of the carpet right below my pantry door.

seriously wow I know I can barely keep up with all these blessings

so random part of my week friday the 16th I went to the most adorable free event at the Covey Center for the Arts

it was a ballet recital for this dance company on oh my goodness they had the most adorable baby ballerinas it was SO cute!

they had the most adorable outfits—little baby bumblebee ballerinas oh so cute! with their black and yellow stripy leotard and yellow tutu. and then they had black leotard with pink tutu and a pink balloon tied to their wrist!

granted I felt kinda dumb there since the audience was composed of all the little ones parents and siblings but it was worth it cause they were so cute!


  1. yay, i am so glad you finally provided me with an update! LOVE YOU!!

  2. Dancing Ballerinas are so cute especially how you describe them you are like a little girl its so CUTE!!! love you mostest