Sunday, February 8, 2009

this is how we do birthdays

Valerie's birthday we headed out to dinner
poor girl didn't really get to choose where she wanted to go but we ended up at the Union Grill
(i got grilled salmon---ooh i love grilled salmon with dill sauce! the salmon was really peppery which I wasn't too fond of but it just makes me like sashimi even more!) but anyways I'll do a restaurant review later...

I just have to say I love my siblings like really who else would end up going to shopko after dinner and the next thing I know valerie is showing off the fact that she can wear a size 4 1/2 kids shoe! well a few minutes after letting us make fun of her we wondered past some adorable baby beanies I think all three of us thought the same thing but jonathan was the first to ask if valerie could fit it on her head-sure enough-albeit a tight fit-she could wear the baby beanie. . .

jonathan not wanting to be one-uped proceeded to put on the Thomas the Train

I not wanting to be left out had to join in
Later we returned home to play Scattegories [the purpose for our shopko venture] let me just tell you for the quotes I got out of the night it was beyond worth it. Lets preface the quotes with info about Scattegories for those of you who may not know the game-its pretty basic you have list with various categories like vacations, cars, classroom items, etc..and you roll a 20 sided die which determines the letter of the alphabet you must use for coming up with an item for each category. The you go around the group and each person says what they wrote-any duplicates are crossed out but the level of creativty can be here goes
letter T: reasons for being late
jonathan: tying shoe
me: (rolling my eyes and chuckling-although not as much as valerie was) really jonathan? tying shoes?
jonathan: yeah I've used it before

letter A: things in a classroom
jonathan: what's that thing that has the balls that you slide and move? [everyone looking at him kind of confused]
me: an Abacus?
jonathan: yeah! yeah that's what I put

letter R: vacation spots
jonathan: rest stop [after confused glances were exchanged from me, valerie and my dad to which followed some riotus laughter]
he continued: what? people take vacations to rest stop its a spot they stop on vacation--like you know red necks might go there on vacation [at this point we were laughing to hard to argue with him on his ridiculous logic]

letter R: clothing
jonathan: (nonchalantly) right shoe. cause its different from your left shoe


  1. Union Grill was still super good and i got to eat leftovers which is always my favorite. . . Small shoes and small head means nothing ok it could make me kinda weird being as i'm 21!!!! As for scattagories i dont think i've ever laugh so hard my brother is hilarious!

  2. Wow Sara! What a nice blog! You've seem to really got this whole blog thing down. Your siblings look like they are a world of fun :)