Sunday, September 20, 2009

ward funness--is funness a word?

seriously what would i do without the church honestly...i mean really where else can you find a bunch of 20 somethings getting together for a cake competition, some bbq, and throw in the hokey pokey (clean dancing peoples---but yeah i'm not even kidding) and of course you have to include the accordian-playing-human-dressed-as-a-pig. what? yeah really----I read some of my other friends blogs who are married and they talk about vacations to they have planned to Australia or the weekend get away to Newport, RI; or they are discussing milestones their little one is making but really i know they would much rather be where I was friday night---getting sick sampling A BUNCH OF incredible tasting cakes
my method to my madness was this creation---which "allowed" me to uh..'forgo' studying for pretty much an ENTIRE afternoon (this included the grocery store trip, baking about 3 other things at the same time and then oh time for institute)
this is the coconut jelly roll with the layer of chocolate being added (yeah yeah i know i didn't "healthify" this recipe and yes i'm still mad at myself for that)this middle is the combination of raspberry sauce I made plus sugar-free cheesecake pudding and I added toasted coconut....I shouldn't have made a cake that included so many of my favorites) when I rolled it together I knew a lot of the filling would fall out but as a solution I took it with me to serve as an optional garnish et voila c'est jolie!
Oh my good tasting cakes...well the ones I tried. The taller of the fondant cakes was abbies it was fun cause I got to "help" as in all i did was make some fondant, cut out a few circles and roll a few circles but it was awesome looking. The brown thing there was INCREDIBLE it was a gingersnap, cinnamon, pecan, caramel, pumpkin cheesecake not even kidding it was amazing!
the sister missionaries obviously contributed :) this is the rest of the table the cheesecake torte was so good--it had like an oreo crust and chocolate topping. The two white cakes were almond and coconut and really i loved them both! and the long chocolate thing was graham crackers and vanilla pudding and then the circle one was a rich chocolate cake. My favorites I think were the cheesecakes and the one almond cake. this is us 'pre-balloon-hat craze' and then we had to show off the awesome balloon-animal-making talent we have

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