Sunday, October 25, 2009

exam party ----sounds like an oxymoron to me!

but let me just tell you this was SO much fun!! i love these girls
so the jist is we basically got together with my girls and their husbands, me and JR, and abbie on a blind date (no worries it was all good--well then again i haven't asked him how he felt about) giving us an excuse to get together, eat some awesome food and practice our Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat physical exams on each other. I'll have to post a link to the full exam so you can read it [which would make this even funnier]

here's the crew----awe i love these girls! notice the awesome pizzas! [natalie and her husband made the dough and cooked it out on the grill]

I made layered bean dip [in which secretly i used butternut squash partial substitute for refried beans and soy hamburger meat---(i know i'm weird)

---I guess it turned out okay enough cause they ate it] and did you see those awesome pizzas they made on the grill
this was my pizza [I love these tofu tortillas i found so so good BBQ chicken, grilled onions red bell peppers and some mozzarella so good]
I don't know how jeanna does it with her food allergies but really wow i'm always amazed at how cheerful she is even when she is around all this food she cannot eat!
after we fully examined each head in the room we decided to help shelly out with a spaghetti squash dilemma (she is so cute--they had some fun times trying to cook one the first time) so we nuked the squash and it turned out great---awe good times

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  1. Hey sis!! I just wanted to tell you I miss you. And I think it's time you post again on your blog so that I know what you're up to. I miss you and I'm thinking about you! Love you!