Sunday, October 25, 2009

thursdays are fundays

yup these pictures are awesome! we look ridiculous but hey the things we learn in lab are 'super' important. For example below I am testing shelly's peripheral vision by confrontation (basically i wiggle my fingers and she points when i see them) and basically we look like idiots as we try not to laugh at each other while staring at the persons forehead---awe i love lab days

abbie checking mine
I feel like the brian regan skit at the optomotrist
"Tell me the exact moment point A is directly over point B
"NOW!" NO noW! NOW!! no THEN!! ugh i dunno---I dunno what happened....I'm worried if i'm off by an 8th of a second i'll end up with these big hubble coming attraction glasses some guy'll say "yeah you really messed up on that A B test huh" 'Did I EVER!"

scalp massage? no well not quite...
now i am palpating checking for masses, lesions, swellings, exudates, foreign life, and really truly they list like 30 things we have to say sometimes (especially for the nose whoa)

Goodwin: "worst headache" of your life" = Temporal Arteritis
Every Other teacher: "worst headache of your life" = subarachnoid hemorrhage
us: "worst headache of your life" = PA school

all clear no bruits here--although i love it when we try to imitate the sound a bruit makes ha ha (pshtoooo)

now this was a fun day---'so wait would her pancreas be here or ...? oh wait where does her duodenum go?' you confidence in your medical personnel don't it ha ha no worries we got it all figured out

and then we listened to each others bowel sounds---fascinating huh

awe sigh good times---oh and we do actually study yeah know every so often (i sure hope the seeping sarcasm came through on that one) but those pictures aren't as fun to look at

more brian
[brian regan ha ha
"i concentrate like crazy on the eye exam. You don't want get a D on that thing and end up with coke bottle lenses. I didn't take it serious. Are you still in here? I'm just seeing shadows and shapes. It's important, they don't call it a quiz"
"I can feel my eye doctor losing his patience with me. "Okay Brian which one do you like better, number one or number two....I don't like either one. "that wasn't the question brian I asked which one you liked better. So why don't you keep that in mind while we try this again." Uh okay umm they are the same "Hm Brian why would I waste your time and mine if they were the same"]

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