Thursday, December 10, 2009

turkey fullness O'Thanks

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so let's explain the funness o'thanksgiving in my family
it all began with boxes, cleaning supplies and finals---you think i was reliving the good ol'days at BYU where they always had cleaning checks/move out right along with finals. I thought I had put those days behind me, but noooo I just had to move again huh ha ha ha.

welcome to my new home---and I LOVE it! there is an amazing view from the kitchen over the fields (yeah farm fields like cows, in Arizona who would've thought) where i get to watch the sunset it's amazing! anywho back to the holidays...after surviving finals, the move (in which the house had to be cleaned TOP to bottom---no more moving 4 x in one year is too much ugh), I went to my new ward for the first time and can sum it up only in one word amazing I absolutely love it! anywho I survived finals, moving, checked out my new ward and then I headed off to freedom in Peoria for a whole week! and lets just say I had a WHOLE room kitchen bathroom the works to myself for 3 days (how on earth did i become this spoiled) and access to a gym, hot tub, pool and family plus NO SCHOOL for a whole week!!! seriously talk about heaven on earth.
this is the proper way to enjoy the holidays

we did our turkey trot again---but it certainly was not the same without my siblings---although my parents dressing like this (impersonating valerie and jonathan) and running 1 mile was certainly a nice distraction from me missing them.

later I got to make some fun dishes---I'm starting to embrace this 'food weirdness' and one day I'll be more confident about it but for now I'm still nervous trying new things around people but I was excited to have a chance to make some "devilish eggs" (with cauliflower instead of egg yolks) and cauliflower mashed potatoes---both of which are sooo so gooood---cauliflower is my new fav (okay only cause i really need to stop eating so many sweet potatoes ha ha)

anyways this little one became my helper

it was the first time i've had a helper in the kitchen. She was lots of fun though and I got to teacher her words like cauliflower and my favorite paprika. ha ha ha. she was so cute when she said it.
later she wanted to sit in my seat with me [now if valerie was here i would've never had this chance valerie is every kids favorite person---and she was abby's nanny, but even then if valerie wasn't there jonathan would be her favorite so I know i was just a lucky substitute]

It was weird having thanksgiving with me and abby representing the girls and just matt and nathan for the boys 4 out of 10 grandkids was just too quiet. although i should probably get used to it now that Luke is out it will be a while before we will all be together again good think we took a bunch of pictures last year ha ha

the week was too short and before i knew it I was back at my unpacked room unready to start a two week module Genitourology and Neurology which was supposed to include finals (i'll have to tell you about that story too) and a whole week of the new sememster before heading to Florida--yeah florida as in Disneyworld--me I GOT TO GO there! i know i'm super lucky

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  1. Your dad takes the cake! Haha!! Thanks for blogging, where the heck have you been?!