Sunday, February 7, 2010

what can't february I haven't even told you about december yet

YAY! i survived my crazy two week, two courses, 7am-5pm lectures all day everyday (i barely survived, mostly googling things to do @ disneyworld occupied my time) between unpacking boxes, holiday parties, present making, "studying" GU and Neurology those 3 weeks flew by [days were longest days ever but by the time I got out of class, went to the gym, showered, the day was pretty much over]
i saw "The Nutcracker"
and LOVED it!!
made a christmas countdown calendar at a fun and much needed stress break craft party with my girls
and I made "handwarmers" for my frozen okie (aka Valerie) and well me too just so i wouldn't have to turn the heater on ha ha

I was so excited to go to disneyworld that friday night I couldn't sleep which was probably a good thing since my flight was at 11 pm and I would get in to florida at 5am and went from the airport grabbed some bfast and off to disneyworld!
here's a peak into my next post
it's my "excited-to-go-to-disneyworld" face


  1. Well, glad to see you really are still alive! I just figured school had sucked your lifeblood dry and we'd see the real Sara again sometime after graduation. Glad to see we won't have to wait that long... but it does look like a weekly blog update might be too much to ask. YOUR AMAZING! I'm cheering for you and your busy life, full of much good~!

  2. Have I told you lately, that I love you?? Cuz I do!! Hope you have a great weekend!