Sunday, July 26, 2009

fascinating really...

Okay so I got a little behind in the blogging so lets see if I can at least catch the highlights!
July 5th
this is how I spent my birthday---secretely with no one knowing enjoying some wonderful Taco Soup! it is such a good recipe---I'll have to post it on BrainsBonBons

just for you mom :) in this picture Esther (who is in the same ward) Abbie and then me
July 18th
so last week must have been absolute amazing cause I didn't post a blog about and right now I'm really trying to think of what i was going to write----yeah i got nothing. Its not like I haven't done anything oh wait I do remember one thing
we went to a roller derby! let me just say it was so random! at first we were sitting so far back and my lack of roller derby expertise left me just watching skaters name 'Ann Thrash" "dee tox" "Hilary Skank" and "Jenna Talia" (yeah really) go around in circles. BUT later we went down to the floor-peoples in this picture that I know....the cute little blonde far left is Stephanie Cook, then Erin (teal shirt pink bag [she is like seriously amazing!], then Jeremy is in blue, then Sarah in pink v-neck, then Collin, then me, then Abby in pink...
--and some people were talking to them. Come to find out they are like computer engineers, teachers, and stay at home moms. After that and being up close to the action-watching all the fights-it was a really fun night!

July 12th

so I had known about this "popcorn party" for days now----never knowing that it was for me they all sang happy birthday!
it was so sweet of them to go to that effort for me! so many people were coming up to me and saying happy birthday! Thanks girls! you are the bestest! In order of appearance Katie and Holly (my roommates), me then Abbie......Abbie was even it on the whole planning! and then this shot was taken during the awesomely speedy cleanup!

then on July 20th
left to right: Jeanna, me, Abbie, Natalie, and Shelly
it became "official" we got our white coats. So the exact significance behind the event i still don't feel like I fully understand but it still---I got to see Aunt Janette--she came all the way to watch AND even took me out to dinner! oh bless her heart!

these are my girls! don't we look impressive!
its gonna be some interesting months ahead-
--but i think i'm gonna like it

I know I missed a few days in between but really I was probably just studying! :)

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  1. i finally made it to your blog! are you almost done with school? you look hot in your white coat :)